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Mail the correct notice. A 7-day notice is used for non-payment of rent; a 14-day notice is used for other lease violations; and a 30-day notice is used to terminate a month to month tenancy. Once the amount of days in the notice has run, you may use the courts to evict any tenants who continue to occupy the premises.
A seven day notice is used to demand payment of rent that is due and owing. This legally notifies a tenant that; if rent is not paid within seven days after receiving written notice of nonpayment, the rental agreement will terminate. A fourteen day notice is used for all other lease violations (for example, causing damage to the property). This legally notifies a tenant that; if the violation is not corrected in fourteen days, the rental agreement will terminate thirty days after receipt of notice. A thirty day notice is used to terminate a month-to-month tenancy. A landlord may terminate a month-to-month tenancy by giving written notice to a tenant at least thirty days before the start of a new monthly term.
We typically charge $400.00 for an eviction. Our fee is inclusive of court costs and sheriff fees.
My office will sue for amounts owed including court costs and allowable attorney fees. We enforce judgments by garnishing your former tenant's paycheck.
Collection cases are handled on a no risk, contingency fee basis. Our fee is 40% of amounts collected and reimbursement of costs. Your split is 60% of all amounts collected after costs. We only charge against amounts actually collected.
Accepting any amount of payment after serving a 7-day notice waives your right to evict on that 7-day notice. You will have to start the process over and serve a new 7-day notice giving credit for any rent paid. Partial payments should be returned before court to preserve your right to evict.
If your tenant is angry and plans on fighting the eviction you will need to attend court and testify in person. In all other cases, my office will send you a landlord's affidavit for signature prior to the hearing.
Send written notice to your former tenant allowing 14 days to reclaim any left behind property. Send the notice U.S. mail, first class, with postage prepaid, to the tenant’s last known address.
Automatically refund any security deposit and mail an itemization of charges within 14 days. The balance of any security deposit not applied towards rent and damages and a written itemization must be hand delivered or mailed by first class mail to a tenant’s last known address no later than 14 days after the termination of the tenancy.

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